Most of us are regular people who have good days and bad days. Our lives are radically ordinary and unexciting. That means they're the kind of lives God gets excited about. While the world worships beauty and power and wealth, God hides his glory in the simple, the mundane, the foolish, working in unawesome people, things, and places. 

In our day of celebrity worship and online posturing, this is a refreshing, even transformative way of understanding God and our place in his creation. It urges us to treasure a life of simplicity, to love those whom the world passes by, to work for God's glory rather than our own. And it demonstrates that God has always been the Lord of the cross--a Savior who hides his grace in unattractive, inglorious places.

Your God Is Too Glorious reminds readers that while a quiet life may look unimpressive to the world, it's the regular, everyday people that God tends to use to do his most important work.



“If it didn’t feel too obviously ironic, I would call this book glorious. This is probably not how you had the Bible stories told to you. Especially in a culture where strength is the number one qualification of its gods, this is the book I wish my Sunday school teacher had read.”

— Michael Horton, Westminster Seminary, California, author of Core Christianity




“There are certain authors worth reading simply because their words paint masterpieces that, though they are limited to black ink on a white page, simply glow with color and beauty. And, if Your God Is Too Glorious was merely a beautiful portrait of wordsmithing, it would be a worthwhile and deeply satisfying read. But that’s not all it is. It is a portrayal of the love and humility of a God, our God, who is near to the ‘least of these.’ In other words, he’s near to us. He’s a God whom, sadly, many in the modern church have replaced with an idol of power and haughtiness. As I read it I found myself weeping for joy and repenting with gratitude. I’m sure you will too.” 

— Elyse Fitzpatrick, author of Because He Loves Me


Heather Choate Davis

“In a landscape of a million preachers, teachers, bloggers, and podcasters all extolling the glorious plans God has for you, why would anyone read a book by a Texas truck driver telling them that their God is too glorious? Because Chad Bird has lived the dark fall from respected theological scholar to defrocked cast-out, and has found in and through his descent and redemption that the theology of the cross is not just an abstract notion but the one true gift, one that has lead him from death to new life. From the ashes has emerged a prolific and original new voice, complete with battle scars and weathered humility, a voice as true and wise as any we could ever hope for, pointing us all to the Risen Lord in the least of these, where Bird is now delighted to have found a home. As we read we suspect that this is where we all belong, and can only pray that God may someday lead us.”

— Heather Choate Davis, author, speaker, and theologian


“There are few books that combine literary genius, biblical truth, and gospel goodness. This is one of those books. With the backward message of the gospel, Chad skillfully and beautifully tells us that we are free to be ordinary, that God is hidden in the ordinary. This book will change you. This book will make you rest. Read and rejoice.” 

— Jessica Thompson, author, speaker, and podcaster